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Maggie Rizer’s revealing dress at the ‘From Paris With Love’ premiere

Maggie Rizer from Paris with love

This is what we call a “Mullet Dress”. From the front, it’s an ordinary, and maybe even every-so-slightly boring piece of clothing. From the back, though:

Maggie Rizer nip slip

Yeah. May as well go topless, no? Or wear one of those horrible swimsuits we keep whining about: you know, the ones that just have tiny straps crossing over the nipples?

We don’t think the coverage at the front of this dress makes up for the amount of flesh it’s exposing from the side: quite apart from anything else, even with copious amounts of tit-tape, we’d still find ourselves looking down to check the girls every few seconds, and that wouldn’t make for a fun or comfortable evening. In fact, we’d rather stick to this:

MAggie Rizer

Now that looks much more comfortable!

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