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Maggie Gyllenhaal: mumsy or marvellous?


Ah, the mystery that is Maggie Gyllenhaal! If you’re a fashion blogger, it’s almost compulsory to worship at her style altar, but here’s the thing: while we don’t deny that Maggie’s a great actress and good lookin’ woman, The Fashion Police often think she dresses like someone in her 40s, who lives in a conservative small town, and maybe works in a school or something.  Her clothes frequently add around ten years to her age, and while this dress is pretty enough in itself, and certainly doesn’t look bad on her, as far as red carpet looks go, we’ve seen better.

But that’s just us, and we do seem to have something of a blind-spot when it comes to Maggie, so we ask you: is this look marvelous on her, or is it just a little bit mumsy?

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