Reader-Nominated Dress of the Day: M Missoni stripe surplice dress


  We’ve had loads of nominations for Dress of the Day recently, so we’re continuing to work our way through them. Today’s dress was nominated by Rhonda: it’s by M Missoni, and is $695 at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Rhonda says: “I like the flirty swing in the skirt and the earthy (but not dark) tones of the fabric.  It has plenty of coverage for the office and would look great with some high leather boots and a short corduroy jacket on a walk in the park, yet the strappy sandals and bare shoulders could take it to the club.  You know, if going to clubs is your thing.  It’s not mine.  But I’d wear it anyway.  Even if I wouldn’t spend $695 on a dress.”


  • February 19, 2009


    eugh, ick, gack.
    do not like.
    bland design
    cheap looking ill fitting fabric
    nasty colours.

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  • February 19, 2009


    Love it.

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