Fashion Accessories: Louis Vuitton’s costume jewellery


Now, here’s a way to spent a few hundred bucks without getting a whole lot for it. It’s Louis Vuitton’s new line of costume jewellery, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t normally expect to spend $360 on a pendant that’s made of brass, but hey, I guess if you’re a Louis Vuitton fan, you just might think it was worth it. Or would you?  Available at eLuxury.

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White Trash Charms from ASOS

White Trash Charms from ASOS

According to ASOS, these pendants are “as seen on”Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Does that make you feel better about them? It shouldn’t do, because these pendants? Are tacky. Yes, even although you’re wearing them in an “ironic” kinda way – still tacky. And unless you actually are Fergie (or, come to think of it, Britney) wearing a sign around your neck that reads “All access” is never a good idea…

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Christian Dior in “ugliest rings ever” shocker

Christian Dior rings

Well, you asked for more Crimes of Fashion, and we’re happy to oblige … I’m always particularly fascinated by those crimes of fashion which seem to scream out "more money than taste", and this is a particularly good example, because not only are these rings butt-ugly, they’re also very expensive – $45,000 worth of "expensive", to be exact. Would you pay that much just to be able to wear something like this? And if so: why?

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Wanted! Fashion Police Italian charm


At last! A piece of jewellery made purely for us!

OK, I jest – this Fashion Police Italian Charm actually has absolutely nothing to do with us, but I think I might buy it anyway. It would probably be a crime (of fashion) not to …

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