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Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Jokes Bags: Not funny


"My wife is always asking for money.
$200 one day, $150 the next, $125 after that…
‘That’s crazy,’ my friend said. ‘What does she do with it?’
‘I don’t know,’ I said. ‘I never gave her any.’"

Have your sides split, yet? Are you rolling on the floor with laughter? No? OK, how about this one:

"My wife went to the beauty shop and got a mud pack. For two days she looked beautiful. Then the mud fell off."

No? Still not laughing? What, don’t you like corny, sexist jokes? What about if they’re dressed up as social satire, and the joke is that the jokes aren’t funny? Still don’t want it on your arm? Well, hell, we don’t blame you. These bags are part of the new ‘Jokes’ line from Louis Vuitton, and, just to clarify, these were made after Marc Jacobs got out of rehab. So there really is no excuse as far as we can see, because even if we liked the text and the idea, we still wouldn’t pay Louis Vuitton prices for that cheap-looking print.

The jokes aren’t funny, but the bags certainly are…We think the joke may be on you, Louis Vuitton.

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