Lookin’ Fly: Yves Saint Laurent’s jacket with plastic cape

The black body, the transparent “wings”: sure, Yves Saint Laurent can claim to have drawn inspiration from “the 70s” for this piece, but we’re just seeing a great big FLY: perfect for Halloween, puzzling at any other time.

The “wings” here are actually a plastic cape, which Colette points out will “protect” this “beautiful piece”. Isn’t that a bit like those people who buy a new couch and leave the plastic wrapper on it to protect it? We’re sure it does keep the fabric pristine, but it sure makes it look stupid.

Speaking of looking stupid: this is $2,053. Click here to buy it.


  • October 7, 2010


    My first thought was that the wearer had probably been sitting at the hairdresser’s, but had to leave in a hurry and forgot to take the cape off.
    I suppose they want it back…

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  • October 7, 2010


    foreveramber Ummm, yuck!! And I thought YSL couldn’t do any wrong…

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  • October 15, 2010

    Rock Hyrax

    If the wings had proper fly-like veins on it, it’d be nicer. And you’d look better dressed as a toddler than looking like you’d fled from a situation as Moni described…

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