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Is it possible to look stylish in Ugg boots?

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Ugg boots. We know you hate them. Because, let’s face it: OF COURSE you hate Ugg boots. God knows, you’ve told us often enough. A better question, then, is simply HOW MUCH do you hate Ugg boots? Do you think they can ever be stylish? That’s not a trick question, by the way: it’s just a question we find ourselves asking today, because as winter approaches, we know we’re about to be plunged into Ugg Hell once more.

That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of Uggs around in the warmer months of the year too, mind you. Using the excuse that sheepskin boots are designed to keep your feet warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot, many a person goes for the “Ugg boots and mini skirt” look during the summer. Or the “Ugg boots and leggings” look. Or the “Ugg boots and… just about anything, really.”

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It’s in the winter, however, that the Ugg boot comes into its own. Not everyone who wears Ugg boots wears them with a sloppy, stained pair of sweatpants and a hoodie, of course. That’s just Britney’s little joke. Many people do, though: there’s just something about Uggs that encourages sloppy dressing. It’s as if people slip their feet into that sheepskin lining and think, “Oh, I’m wearing a pair of Ugg boots: I may as well give up on life.”

Don’t get us wrong: we’re not totally opposed to Uggs. It’s just that we refuse to see them as fashion items. For us, they fall into that category of items which includes running shoes and ski suits: they’re not pretty, sure, but they’re not supposed to be. They have a purely practical purpose, and so, as far as we can tell, have Uggs. They’re for keeping your feet warm on really cold days when you’re out walking your dog under cover of darkness, and you just don’t care what you look like. They’re not for throwing on with a mini skirt and declaring yourself stylish, although as soon as we publish this post, we’re willing to bet that lots of Ugg wearers will suddenly appear to tell us that we “Just don’t understaaaaaand” and we “obviously don’t know ANYTHING about FASHUN”, just like always. (We’re ready to play the Fashion Victim drinking game, if so. ) It’s not the fact that Uggs exist that bothers is: it’s the fact that people want us to view them as a fashion item, when they’re clearly just glorified (and expensive) slippers.

(Also, just to pre-empt the “don’t knock ’em until you’ve tried ’em” comment: the Chief of Police actually owns a pair of Uggs, and loves them for walking the dog on cold winter mornings. She just wouldn’t wear them anywhere else.)

But back to our question: do you think it’s possible to look stylish in Ugg boots? Do you own a pair? Would you wear a pair? (What if we offered to pay you? How much would it cost us?) Finally, what about these celebrities in Ugg boots? (Or in Ugg-style boots, at least: we’re not expert enough in the identification of Uggs to be able to tell which are Ugg Australia, which are Emus, etc, etc. We’d need to call in a specialisy Ugg Identification Officer for that.) Do they change your mind at all?

GALLERY: Celebrities in Ugg boots [Images: Fame Pictures]

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