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Style on Trial: Longsleeve playsuits

Long sleeve playsuits from Miss Selfridge

(Playsuits, Miss Selfridge)

We don’t know about you, but we’ve always thought of playsuits as “summer” clothing. (We’ve also always thought of them as “toddler” clothing, but that’s another post altogether.) You know, you could probably get away with wearing one to the beach, but … that’s it.

The new breed of playsuits, however, are destined for cooler climates, and with their long sleeves and thicker fabrics, are intended to be work with tights for a more wintry look.

Are you buying any of this? No, seriously, will you be buying a playsuit this winter? Any time we’ve mentioned them in the past here they’ve tended to be met with shrieks of horror, but we don’t entirely hate these (even although they do fall into the Stuck Together Clothes category), so we wondered what you all think of them. Still a fashion crime, even with the slightly more grown-up look, or are you willing to give them a pass?

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