So Long 2017: 6 Trends We Want to Say Goodbye To Before The New Year

2017 is coming to an end and it’s definitely been an interesting year for fashion! As always, there were some trends that we loved and some that made us raise an eyebrow. From jeans with plastic knees to corsets over t-shirts, there are definitely some trends that we’d like to see disappear. We took a look back at some of the biggest trends in fashion this year and we chose six of the worst fashion trends we want to say goodbye to before 2018. Check them out here:

1. Clear Plastic Clothing

This is definitely one of the strangest fashion trends that happened this year. We first saw it when Topshop debuted their “Clear Knee Mom Jeans”, which are exactly what they sound like: mom jeans with clear, plastic knees. First of all, mom jeans aren’t attractive on anyone. Adding clear plastic windows on the knees does not help. The clear plastic trend didn’t stop there. We soon saw Kim Kardashian sporting clear plastic boots, a trend that many soon jumped on. What exactly was wrong with the clear plastic boots? Well, as it turns out, plastic traps in heat, making your legs sweat and your clear boots look like a fogged-up window. Yeah…we think the plastic has to go.

2. Male Rompers

Male rompers, where do we even begin? There was no trend this year that made us more uncomfortable than this one. It’s hard enough for women to pull off rompers; men definitely didn’t need to give it a try. We have no problem with men sporting women’s fashion, but rompers just aren’t flattering. There are few clothing items more awkward than rompers. Seeing men in rompers definitely made us cringe this year, and we’d rather see this trend disappear in 2018.

3. Bodysuits Under Jeans

This is a tricky trend. It’s not that we necessarily have an issue with bodysuits. We understand that they’re convenient for various reasons. They’re great if you want to wear what appears to be a super-tight shirt.  They won’t ride up and show your midriff, if that’s an issue for you.  The reason that bodysuits are one of the trends we want to say goodbye to is because they were so overdone. Everyone jumped on the bodysuit bandwagon and before we knew it, we were seeing everyone sporting the same look: a bodysuit under a pair of jeans. Like we said, it’s not that it looks bad. It’s like a good song that gets overplayed on the radio. So long, bodysuits. You’ve been overplayed.

4. Yoga Pants All the Time

Yoga pants are perfectly okay…if you’re doing yoga. We understand how comfortable they are. We understand that they’re almost universally flattering. We get it, really. You just have to stop wearing them everywhere.  We know that you think yoga pants and an over-sized t-shirt is cute. You’re not wrong – it is cute! With that said, yoga pants are not appropriate clothing for every place and every occasion. No more yoga pants to the store, restaurants, school, etc. Keep the yoga pants at home…and in the yoga studio.

5. Sock Boots

What in the world even are these? They are boots where the calf is made of sock material and fits snug around the skin, much like a high sock. They’re basically a skintight boot. The sock boot trend started in the spring this year and we quickly saw women everywhere sporting sock boots. It was especially big with celebrities, most notably seen on Ariana Grande. Despite its widespread popularity, it’s still one of the trends we want to say goodbye to. This trend is just strange and we’d like to go back to regular boots.

6. Corsets Over Clothing

We know that we already mentioned Kim Kardashian, but the Kardashians are getting another nod in our list of trends we want to say goodbye to. Every single one of them has been seen sporting a corset over a shirt or dress. Corsets are controversial on their own. You know, because of the whole squeezing-your-organs thing. When you wear a corset on top of your clothing, it doesn’t make them anymore acceptable. You just look like you got dressed while inebriated. How about we just say goodbye to corsets altogether?

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