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London Fashion Week S/S 09 – Topshop Unique

Topshop_unique_2When it comes to London Fashion Week, the show we’re always most interested in isn’t necessarily that of any of the big name designers or up-and-coming young stars (although those are always interesting too, of course). No, it’s the Topshop Unique show. Why? Well, because this is the show that, more than any other, gives us some degree of what real women will actually be wearing next season, and by “real women” we don’t mean fashionistas and people who see their clothes as a sublime, artistic expression of their inner selves, but, you know, women who shop in Topshop.

And what will the Topshop-shopping woman on the street be wearing in Spring/Summer 09, we hear you ask? Well, a litany of fashion crimes, basically. Double denim. Mom jeans. Jumpsuits. With hearts on them. In short, we’re canceling all annual leave for Fashion Police Officers, because we think next summer is going to be busy

But of course, that’s just us. Take a look under the jump to see some more images from the Topshop Unique show, and make up your own mind…



We think this is a show that will remind lots of people of what it was like to grow up in the 80s, complete with Cindy Lauper-style hair bows and lots of denim. Speaking for ourselves, we’re pretty much done with fashion taking inspiration from the 80s now, and think if decades must be revived, it’s time for another one to have a turn. The 40s, maybe. We’d like that.

Do you like this, though? Will you be buying if and when the collection hits the store?

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