London Fashion Week: Topshop S/S 08


I’m not quite sure what to make of Topshop’s S/S 08 collection at London Fashion Week. On the one hand we’ve got these loose, deconstructed, almost pyjama-like pieces, and then on the other we’ve got… a chainmail dress over a bikini. I was going to describe the collection as "comfortable", but then … well, then I got to the chainmail dress, and I don’t think there’s a chainmail dress in the world that could reasonably be described as "comfortable", do you?

All the same, and almost despite myself, I’m actually finding myself rather liking this collection. Maybe it’s the relaxed, summer holiday, evenings-on-the-beach-around-a-bonfire vibe it’s giving off, or maybe it’s just because summer is well and truly over and I’ve been shivering all day that’s making me warm to these pieces, who knows.

One thing’s for sure, though: it’s not the chain mail dress. (Or the pyjamas, come to think of it).
What do you think?

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