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Little Things That Cost a Lot

Designer key fobs. It’s tempting to think they’re mostly purchased by the kind of people who MUST have something DESIGNER to flaunt, but who can’t afford a bag, or dress, or other item of clothing. We’re sure that assumption is unfair to the owners of designer key fobs, however, so there must be some other reason why someone would want to spend £115 on something like this:

Sophie Hume designer key fob

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Honestly, it IS kinda cute, though, with its big googly eyes, and its faintly terrified expression. That’s pretty much how WE look when we spot some of the items we arrest, now we come to think of it. We’re almost talking ourselves into wanting to buy it now, which really wasn’t our intention, but still: cute! And £115! Maybe if we were rich? Or if it was cheaper?

Moving on to something small that we’re definitely NOT tempted to buy, however:

Anya Hindmarc digestives clutch bag

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Yup Anya Himdmarch is at it again, with her bags-that-look-like-food thing. This little clutch bag is designed to look like a pack of digestive biscuits, and that would all be well and good (We’re rather partial to a novelty clutch, truth be told), if it wasn’t £895. Once again, we find ourselves thinking that if we DID really want to walk around clutching a packet of biscuits, we’d just BUY the packet of biscuits. At least we’d get a snack out of it! And yes, we know: if we just bought the biscuits, we wouldn’t have the giant tassel on the end of the pack! Worry not, fair readers, for the tassel (or one like it), can be purchased separately, for just £195. Bargain!

Anywa Hindmarch designer key fob

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