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Red shoes and reality TV…

This week, around our network: Shoeperwoman finds some cute courts from Miss L Fire. Dollface rounds up her favourite products of November. Realtor is dreaming of a sunnier Christmas. Grumpy is feeling conned by reality TV shows. And Forever Amber takes part in the Dressember ‘Dress a Day’ challenge.


This week, around our network: Shoeperwoman catches Jimmy Choo selling plastic shoes again. Dollface ponders the usefulness of scented nail polish. Realtor is still loving peacock fashion for the home. Grumpy wonders what’s on your Christmas list? And Forever Amber ponders the question of blogger copying.


‘Tis the season to wear glitter-covered shoes…

This week, around our network: Shoeperwoman discovers that the season of sparkly shoes is already well and truly underway. Dollface tries out Goody’s Volume Boost comb. Realtor is thinking about trees, although not necessarily Christmas ones. Grumpy wants to know what you think about schools banning tight trousers for girls?…

river island red peep toes

Navel sprays and skull cupcakes: Happy Halloween!

This week, around our network: Shoeperwoman finds herself seduced by River Island’s shoe collection. Dollface wonders is a spray for belly buttons is really necessary? Realtor shows us the easy way to make skull cupcakes. Well, it IS Halloween… Grumpy weighs in on the Italian mini skirt ban . And…


Something for the Weekend: Shearling boots and boxes

Shoeperwoman rounds up some shearling ankle boots for you to take a look at. Dollface reviews GOSH 2Step Lengthening Mascara. Realtor would give you the moon if she could. And actually, she can. Grumpy isn’t surprised by the empty stadiums at the Commonwealth Games. And Forever Amber is on Boxwatch…


Who buys £200 Wellington boots?

Shoeperwoman wants to know who’d spent £235 on a pair of Burberry rain boots. Anyone? Dollface finds a great hair treatment for redheads. Realtor discovers pop art lighting for the home. Grumpy wonders: is the latest X-Factor scandal a fix? And Forever Amber talks to SHE magazine about blogging.


Link Roundup: Spring shoes and winter fashion

Around the Midas Media network this week: Shoeperwoman loves D&G’s Spring 2011 shoes. Dollface reviews Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara. Realtor finds cool pet food storage, but reckons it’d be no match for the Rubinman. (She’s right, too…) And Forever Amber undertakes the Great Wardrobe Switchover 2010.


Louis Vuitton, Formspring and 40s style

This week, around the Midas Media blog network: Shoeperwoman discovers a new appreciation of Louis Vuitton. Dollface compares two types of bronzing brushes. Keeping it Realtor loves 40s style furnishings. And Forever Amber shares the madness of her Formspring account.


Impostor Footwear strikes again…

This week, around the Midas Media blog network: Shoeperwoman isn’t impressed with the latest example of boots-pretending-to-be-socks. Dollface lusts after the latest so-called “wonder” product for wrinkles. And Forever Amber goes sheep whispering. (Keeping It Realtor and Grumpy Old Bloggers are on holiday this week and will be back soon!)


Shoes with spikes: the trend continues…

This week, around the Midas Media blog network: Shoeperwoman wants to know what you think of Kurt Geiger’s ‘Electric’ shoe boots? Dollface wants to know why there aren’t more hair products for redheads? Keeping it Realtor finds some decorative items that are strictly for the birds. The Grumpy Old Bloggers…