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Lingerie t-shirt from Forever 21: underwear as outerwear


Forever 21 say they added the lace bra to this t-shirt to give it an “avant garde” look. And, you know what? We’re getting pretty tired of seeing designers and brands try to sell us any old rubbish by trying to tell us it’s “edgy” or “unconventional”. Look, it’s a t-shirt with a bra fastened over the top. You know, like one of the t-shirts and one of the bras you probably already own? So while you COULD give Forever 21 $28 for this “avant garde” look of theirs, you could ALSO just do-it-yourself and save your money.

Or – and we understand this may not seem “edgy” enough for some of you, but bear with us – you COULD just wear your bra UNDER your shirt, and not look like someone who got dressed in the dark. Up to you.

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