Top 10 | Valentine’s Day Lingerie Sets

      Top Ten Valentine’s Day Lingerie Sets We figured we should probably talk about Valentine’s Day. It’s just… we don’t really want to. Seriously: unless this is your first time on the internet (In which case, welcome, and don’t look any further – this is the only site you’ll ever need…), we’re guessing you’ve probably had your fill of gift guides, flowers, and various red and/or pink things by now. We also have a sneaking suspicious that most of you probably don’t really care all that much – or, at least, not the extent that you’ve been anxiously counting down the days since Christmas, as all of the press releases we’ve been receiving lately would have us believe. (You haven’t, have…

      Fashion Police bra guide

      Underneath the LBD (And a chance to win a £1000 shopping spree with Ann Summers and Love2Shop)

      The Fashion Police have always believed that the right (or wrong) lingerie can make or break an outfit: there’s just no point in splashing out on the perfect dress if you’re going to ruin it with the wrong “underpinnings”, so today we’re teaming up with Ann Summers to bring you some of our favourite bras to wear with a little black dress as part of your Christmas party outfit. We’re also offering the chance to win a £1,000 shopping spree by entering Ann Summers’ blogger competition, so read on for more information…   ♥ The Dress: 1950s Trudy party dress, £95. 20th Century Foxy ♥ The Bra: ‘Aurelia’ balconette bra, £40, Ann Summers The cut of this dress makes finding a…

      VAlentine's day lingerie

      Screw Valentine’s Day: let’s buy some lingerie!

      Valentine’s Day lingerie from Dirty Pretty Things Valentine’s Day. There’s just no escaping it, is there? Every year, as soon as Christmas is over (and actually, sometimes even BEFORE Christmas is over…) The Fashion Police inbox starts to get flooded with press releases about Valentine’s Day, which, these helpful missives inform us, is “just around the corner!” Now that the much-anticipated day actually IS just around that corner, though, we figured we should probably start paying attention to those press releases, and find out just what it is they’re trying to tell us. And what they’re trying to tell us is basically this: 1. Everyone in the world is in a complete state of hysterical anticipation about February 14th 2….

      underwear as outerwear

      Underwear as Outerwear: the Venus bustier

      This is the ‘Venus’ bustier. As you can see, they’re using the word “bustier” in its loosest possible sense, because, as far as we can make out, this is just an excuse to go out in public wearing just your bra. It’s a NICE bra, granted, but honestly, we’ve had nightmares which look a bit like this, and in which we’re walking around in public when we suddenly realise we’re only wearing clothes on one half of our bodies. We’re becoming increasingly convinced we’re alone in this, however, because “bra as top”, like “leggings as pants” and “net curtains as skirts” seems to be a growing trend: we frequently come across photos of models wearing outfits a lot like this…

      fringed waistcoat

      Citizen’s Arrest: Lascivious Kasia Fringed Waistcoat

      Our thanks go to Fashion Police reader Caroline for calling in this particular crime of fashion. Now, ordinarily we don’t involve ourselves with lingerie. (Er, we’re assuming this is supposed to be lingerie. These days you can never really tell, though, can you?) After all, as long as people aren’t wearing it in public, it’s really none of our business. But… an invisible waistcoat? With fringes? And people are paying £119 (full price) or £59.50 (sale price) for it? In such large quantities that it’s now low in stock? Folks, it looks like we’ve worked out what The Emperor wears in private. So at least that’s one mystery solved. As to the mystery of who else might wear such an…

      YSL stretch-chiffon body suit

      Extreme sheer: YSL stretch-chiffon halterneck bodysuit

      We’re a-hoping and a-praying that this bodysuit will only ever be used for purpose: as an underpinning for a backless halterneck dress. But that little shred of doubt loiters in the back of our minds, knowing, as we do, that the Lady Gagas of this world have so little respect for fit-for-purpose fashion… Yves Saint Laurent certainly know how to relieve a fashionista of her hard-earned cash: this beauty will provide very little support a no coverage to speak of for the bargain price of £520. You’d have to wear your backless halterneck an awful lot this summer to justify that cost per spend! But yours from Net-a-Porter.

      Norma Kamali lace bikini

      Style On Trial: Swimwear that looks like underwear

      So you’re languishing on the beach, and a girl walks past in her underwear.  Only she’s not in her underwear, she’s wearing a bikini by Norma Kamali that looks like underwear, but isn’t. We like the overall style of the bikini – the shape is so lovely and retro and we’d wear this as underwear in a flash.  Or as swimwear were it a solid fabric.  We’re just not sure we can get on board with the lace swimwear. What do you think of this concept (there’s a one piece costume available too)?  Would you wear swimwear that looks like you accidentally wore your lacy undies to the pool?  Or do you prefer your swimwear to look more like, well,…


      Denim lingerie? Er, yes please!

      Here at The Fashion Police, we’ve always been of the opinion that denim is best kept for jeans only: and, OK, maybe the odd jacket or two, if we’re feeling in a Blossom kinda mood. We’ve also always been kinda fickle, though, and this month we’re surprised to admit that Topshop have managed to turn us around on the issue of denim lingerie, although admittedly they’re at an advantage here, because we believe this to be more denim coloured, rather than the kind of fabric your jeans are made of. Still, we’re not sure if it’s the polka dots, or the ruffles, or if we’ve maybe just been denim-lingerie-lovers all along, but this little set triggered our “cute” reflex. If…


      Christie’s $959 lingerie set: worth it?

      Well, it sure is pretty… but is it $959 worth of “pretty”? We’ll let you be the judge of that one: while The Fashion Police are partial to the odd piece of extravagant underwear, the fact that it’s hidden underneath our clothes (or quickly discarded, in the case of the “strictly-for-the-bedroom” stuff) makes us reluctant to pay more than the monthly mortgage repayment for it, which means we’re clearly not part of the target audience for this one. This set is by Christies, and the bra is covered in Swarovski crystals (hence the high price), while the matching g-string also has Swarovski details. If you want to wear them, we’re afraid you’ll have to wait until November 22nd to do…


      Spanx or Slip? When the underpinning costs more than the dress…

      “Wow,” we though, flicking through the dresses section over at Bergdorf Goodman. “Would you lookit that! This dress looks EXACTLY like a Spanx slip! And God knows, those aren’t exactly cheap either (although, let’s face it, there are less expensive versions around), but hey, at least they’re not $475!” This Roland Mouret slip – we beg your pardon, underpinning – is, though. Which makes us wonder: why? What is it about THIS slip that makes it worth almost $500? Is it made of magic? Does it turn you into Heidi Klum? What does it do that Spanx doesn’t? Because surely it can’t just be that it has the name “Roland Mouret” stamped on the label? Please someone: tell us that’s…


      Marks & Spencer’s 2 Sizes Bigger Push Up Bra Predicted to Sell Out by Saturday

      We’ve heard of waiting lists for handbags and shoes, but a waiting list for a BRA? Yes, 1,600 people joined the pre-launch waiting list for Marks & Spencer’s 2 Sizes Bigger Push Up Bra, but that was just the tip of the iceberg, because since it went on sale last weekend, the bra has been selling so fast M&S predict it’ll have sold out completely by this Saturday. As the name suggests, the bra is designed to make you look, er, two sizes bigger.  It does this using a super-light foam which is half the weight of traditional gel pads, and also has straps that can be crossed at the back to give the girls even more of a lift. And that’s…

      Alexander Wang sheer pants

      Style on Trial: Alexander Wang chiffon lingerie pants

      As if the harem pant weren’t controversial enough, Alexander Wang has taken it a step further making it sheer. These chiffon lingerie pants, $450, are a bit confusing. The subtle paper-bag waist, slouchy silhouette and not-too-baggy harem-ness of the pants actually start to convince us that the style is actually rather chic. We can see an old Hollywood screen siren wearing them to bed – as actual lingerie, as the name implies. But the problem is that people will definitely wear them out in public. Does that become a problem? The opaque boxer-short-like lining bothers us. We understand why it’s there, dear God some modesty is in order. But still…it looks weird, no?

      River Island mesh and lace body

      River Island mesh and lace strappy body

      Yes.  Quite. We were speechless too when we saw this on the River Island website.  This appears to be a black lace lingerie set, held together with a section of black mesh.  Whilst we have just about got our heads around the return of the bodysuit for this season, we cannot understand why such a garment as this should exist at all. It is listed on the website as a going out top but we would really rather it was in the underwear section, if it has to appear on there at all.  We can’t help but wonder just who would wear this when Lady Gaga will wear this, and in what situation?  We will attempt to get to the…


      The Dress Like A Toddler Trend continues: Care Bear suits by Kigu for ASOS Hit

      We WERE going to make this the Ugly Harem Pant of the Day (joke!), but we know a lot of you are actually quite fond of the Dress Like a Toddler trend, when it’s applied to items of clothing designed to be worn in the privacy of your own home, so all we’re going to say about these Care Bear suits is that they exist, they’re $85.47 and they’re available from ASOS. And that we somehow don’t think this guy’s getting lucky if he wears this to bed tonight… [Thanks to Colette for the report!]


      PajamaJeans: the solution for people who like to wear their pyjamas to the store

      Like to wear your pyjamas in public? Tired of people looking at you like … well, like you just crawled out of bed? Don’t worry, folks, there is a solution, and it’s brought to you by the kind people at Pajamagram: introducing the PajamaJean! These are exactly what they sound like: fleece-lined pj-bottoms that are designed to look like jeans, and yes, they were actually developed in order to cater to the needs of the growing number of “Pyjama People” who can be seen wandering around wearing the same clothes they slept in. A good idea? Well, the company claim the product has been flying off their shelves, so obviously a lot of people think so. Will it just encourage the idea…


      Lady Gaga’s girdle: $29.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond

      We all know she loves Alexander McQueen and Martin Margiela, but did you know Lady Gaga ALSO shops at Bed, Bath & Beyond? No, neither did we, but Kymaro, makers of the flesh-coloured body shaper you see above, claim it’s their product Her Ladyship has been wearing on stage recently, not some pricey designer number. Isn’t it good to know that Gaga is secretly as frugal and down to earth as the rest of us, even although she DOES use shapewear as pants? The Kymaro Body Shaper (As Seen on TV!) retails for $29.99 at the aforementioned Bed, Bath & Beyond, and you can see an infomercial about it here. One thing, though: if you do decide to make like…


      Daylight Robbery? Carine Gilson silk-satin and lace camisole and shorts

      Let’s be clear about one thing here: these are gorgeous. Well, they are, aren’t they? They’re beautiful and luxurious, and exactly the kind of thing we’d like to have tucked away in our lingerie drawer for a special occasion. It would have to be a VERY special occasion, though, because these cost £739 / $1,195 for the set, and if we ever find ourselves handing over $1000 for a camisole and a pair of shorts, well, we hope someone will do us the kindness of taking our credit cards from us and refusing to return them until we appear to have come to our senses. What about you, though, oh readers? Would you spend this much money on something like…

      The Snuggie Suit

      Introducing the Snuggie Suit!

      Far be it for us to try and police what people choose to wear in the comfort of their own homes, so all we’ll say about the Snuggie Suit pictured above is this: it exists. Please don’t be tempted to wear it in public. The Snuggie Suit is $24.99 at JC Penney, but is currently sold out. And you know what? Given the constant sub-zero temperatures we’ve been experiencing around Fashion Police HQ recently, we can almost understand why… [Thanks to Karen for the report!]


      Fashion Police for the Boys: Yohji Yamamoto boxer shorts

      They’re exactly the kind of thing you’d expect to find in a tacky souvenir store in a tourist town. You know, the kind of place selling shirts that read “FBI: Female Body Inspector”? So why on EARTH are they selling for $925 and $1,010 respectively at Barney’s? Oh. Because they have “Yohji Yamamoto” stamped on the waistband. There’s officially no hope left for humanity. [Thanks to Rafael for the report!]

      The Anti-Wrinkle Bra

      [Guest Post] La Decollette Anti-wrinkle Bra – because I don’t already have enough to worry about

      Selina McEntee writes… When I look at this picture I can’t help but imagine a couple of teenage boys hovering near the lingerie department and sniggering to themselves: “dude, check it out, that dummy’s got her bra on backwards and you can totally see her nipples”. But what appears at first sight to be a racer-back bra worn backwards (because, you know, that can happen) is actually the La Decollette Anti-Wrinkle Bra, and according to the website when you wear this to bed at night “your breasts are more or less forced to stay in place so no vertical wrinkles will occur and your cleavage will stay smooth”. Up until this point I was blissfully unaware of the possibility of…


      Underwear as Outerwear: Sequined and beaded bras from Forever 21

      Confession: these items were actually reported to us by a reader, whose name we’ve lost, so if that was you, thank you! If these bras had been intended to be worn as lingerie, we wouldn’t have given them a second thought. Well, other than to think, “Ooh, someone’s clothes are going to get really badly snagged on those things!” But the thing is, these AREN’T lingerie, are they? No, in the current, “Let’s all dress like Lady Gaga” fashion climate, these are supposed to be worn exactly as they are: or possibly with a nice lace bodysuit over the top of them. This offers further proof that the late “noughties” will be one of those fashion eras we’ll all look…


      Wanted! Retro-style lingerie from Topshop

      Sequined knickers aside, Topshop actually has some fabulous pieces of actual lingerie in stock at the moment: think longline bras, high-waisted knickers, lace corsets – lingerie with a vaguely retro feel that looks good, but, more importantly, will help create a nice, smooth line under your clothes and, in the case of the high-waisted knickers, provide a bit of stomach-control, too. We’re particularly liking the current trend for longline bras, and like Topshop’s strapless, longline bustiers, which will be perfect under strapless dresses or bardot tops, meaning you don’t have to either show your bra straps or sacrifice your bra altogether if you want to wear certain styles. These are all available at


      Would you wear…big sequined knickers? (And not as lingerie)

      More and more often these days we find ourselves heaving a sigh and muttering, “Lady Gaga has a lot to answer for” under our breaths… The last time this happened was just a few days ago, while your fashion force were conducting an undercover raid on Topshop. As we browsed through the rails, we were distracted by a gaggle of women, all gathered around one particular item, which appeared to be amusing them greatly judging by the whoops of laughter coming from them. Naturally, we swooped in to investigate, and as the crowds parted before us, we discovered that the item in question was… a pair of big, sequined knickers, as illustrated above. Now, we’d seen a lot of these…


      Dita Von Teese launches ‘Party Edition’ lingerie line for Wonderbra

      Dita Von Teese launched her second lingerie collection for Wonderbra this week, although she declined to show ooff the undies herself, letting two models do the, er, dirty work for her while she reclined in a black dress, leather gloves and – what else? – Christian Louboutin stiletto heels. The collection is called the “Party Edition” and is available at various outlets across Europe (sorry, rest of the world). Take a look under the jump to see some of the pieces, or view the full collection here. What do you think of it?


      Fashion Police mobilise forces against Snuggies, Crocs and harem pants

      See? Told you we had it all under control, didn’t we? Oh, OK, fair enough it’s not us, it’s a bunch of models promoting Agent Provocateur’s new lingerie line, outside Selfridges in London this week. We can only hope there weren’t too many car accidents as a result of this. The range is called The New World Order, and is available from the company’s website. It’s probably best NOT to wear it in public, though. Especially not with the thigh high boots…