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Lindsay Lohan’s leggings and ankle gloves now available at Shop Intuition. Yes, “ankle gloves”…


We first brought you images of Lindsay Lohan’s new leggings line back in May. Since then, we’re sorry to say we still haven’t worked out what the knee pads are for. And we don’t think we want to know. If you have a use for that kind of thing, however, the leggings are now available to buy at Shop Intuition, with prices ranging from $99 – $132. Now, clearly we haven’t seen the leggings in question, so we don’t know what the quality is like, but those kind of prices seem almost like crimes of fashion themselves, don’t you think? How much do you usually pay for leggings? We know we get ours from H&M for less than £5, so we’d be interested to know in what way the zips, knee-pads and "glimmer" justify these kinds of prices from La Lohan.

To be completely honest, though, the leggings are the least of The Fashion Police’s worries right now. No, we have a much bigger bone to pick with LiLo over the ankle gloves:


Now, we don’t know. Maybe you young ‘uns will find something wonderful about these: something that will make you want to pay $42 for them. All we can say is that something about them made us instinctively recoil in horror and wonder how it was that Lindsay managed to escape from the Fashion Police jail for long enough to create these?

You can shop from Lindsay’s ‘6126’ line here. Will you?

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