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Lindsay Lohan wears polka dots and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes to court

Lindsay Lohan wears a polka dot dress to court

We stopped caring about Lindsay Lohan’s career (professional criminal now, isn’t she?) and criminal activities at around about the same time she started spending more time in court than most lawyers do. Since then, we’ve left it up to the REAL police to deal with LiLo, and they’re welcome to her.

We would, however, just like to note that we thought she did a fairly respectable job of dressing herself for her most recent court appearance. We’re not sure Chanel (handbag) or Giuseppe Zanotti (shoes) would agree with that – it must be the kiss of death to have LiLo spotted in your clothes these days – but this is a thousand times better than the strange “black blush” episode of last week, so credit where credit’s due. The real police may be preparing to welcome her back into their cells, where we’re sure she’s starting to feel right at home, but we’d give Lindsay a Get of Jail Free card for the outfit, at least.

What do you think?

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