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‘Lily Loves’ launches at New Look

Another week, another celebrity capsule collection… After a few days worth of boasting about how her collection would be so much better than Kate Moss’s collection for Topshop, though, the huge queues and mass hysteria Kate inspired last week were conspicuously absent from the ‘Lily Loves’ launch, and although some branches of New Look had people waiting outside for the doors to open, it doesn’t look like Kate Moss will be losing much sleep over the turnout, at least. But enough of this babble. On with the clothes!

Lily loves dress collection

Love the first one, hate the second one, and the third? Just… meh.  The first two dresses here are £55 (which is pretty expensive for New Look, although I don’t know what the quality of these pieces is like), and the blue dress is a mere £22. More pictures from the collection after the jump…

Patterned Lily loves dresses

My feelings on tunics are well documented, so I’m probably (and by “probably” I mean “definitely”) not the best person to judge these ones. My knee-jerk reaction is that they’re OK … if you like tunics. I love the little pufft sleeves, the neckline is cute… but they’re tunics. The dress on the right, meanwhile, is very Allen-esque, with its frills and florals. The waist looks a little bit high for my liking, but I’d need to see it in person.

Shoe post coming up soon. While we’re waiting, though, what’s your verdict on the dresses?

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