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Celebrity Style on Trial: Lily Cole in ankle socks


We know this may be an unpopular ruling for some of you, but The Fashion Police don’t like to see ankle socks and Mary Janes on anyone over the age of ten. To us, it’s just one more dangerous step towards the ‘Dress Like a Toddler’ trend, and you all know how we feel about that. Try as we might, we just can’t understand why grown women would want to infantilise themselves like this, but it seems that some of them do. Take Lily Cole, for instance: a beautiful woman, and one of our very favourite models. Why, then, would she want to dress like a five-year-old. Why?

Despite our reservations, however, we’re putting Lily On Trial rather than simply committing her immediately to the bowels of the Fashion Police jail, because we seem to see this look constantly at the moment – most frequently on the pages of ASOS.com, where frilly ankle socks for adults can often be found. Are we missing something? Is this, in fact, a stylish and alluring look, and we just can’t see it?

Enlighten us, Fashion Police Jury. Is Lily Cole guilty of Crimes of Fashion, or are lacy ankle socks acceptable attire for grown women? 

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