Crimes of Fashion, Jeans

Levis’ ‘Texas Tuxedo’ denim romper is possibly the worst case of Stuck Together Clothes ever seen

Yes, you read that right, readers: this is a “romper”. NOT a pair of jeans worn with a denim shirt, but a pair of jeans STUCK TO a denim shirt.

WE KNOW, right?

And just before we go any further here, we know fashion victims are going to come along and be all, “Oh, but double denim is, like, SO HAWT this season!” When have The Fashion Police ever bothered about such things, though? Seriously, they’re not even particularly nice jeans (not that it would be OK if they were, we hasten to add), so why on earth would you want to have them stuck to your shirt?

Also: how would this even work? How do you get the thing off if you want to go to the bathroom, say? Is there a way to separate shirt from jeans (which would kinda defeat the purpose of it being “one-piece”, wouldn’t it?), or do you just have to get nekkid? Which would be a pain, in all honesty, and would ALSO defeat the purpose of wearing such a sloppy/casual looking outfit.

Questions aside, though, we have no hesitation in declaring this to be a crime of fashion: bail is set at £158, and is payable to Urban Outfitters: click here to take a look.

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