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Leona Lewis has wings at the Harper’s Bazaar party in Madrid

Leona Lewis at the Harper's Bazaar party

Leona Lewis has often been criticized by the fashion press for being beautiful but boring. At last, though, she seems to be starting to take some tentative steps away from the safety net, with some, er, “interesting” choices of outfit. Her appearance at the Brit Awards this week, and now at the Harper’s Bazaar party, both saw Leona looking a little bit “edgier” than we’re used to, and she opted to emphasise her shoulders both times – first in that dramatic silver William Tempest number at the Brits, and now in the black be-winged mini dress you see above.

We appreciate the effort to stand out more, but feel that Leona never really looks comfortable, regardless of what she’s wearing, and that tends to spoil the whole look. What do you think of this dress? A step in the right direction, or do you think Leona looked just fine in the more classic gowns she’s gone for in the past?

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