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Leona Lewis has lips on her boobs. (No, literally…)

Well, this has to be one of the strangest images we’ve seen in a while, and we’re referring here not only to the fact that Leona Lewis looks almost like a waxwork version of herself for some reason, but to the giant pair of lips on her boobs.

What’s Leona trying to tell us with this outfit, we wonder? “Look, I’m so sassy I have LIPS ON MY BOOBS! You all thought I was boring, but how can I be boring when I have LIPS ON MY BOOBS, people! Look! LIPS! On my BOOBS!”

We see them, Leona, we see them. And just to prove to the readers that you ARE real, here’s a photo of you adopting a different pose with your giant lip-boobs:

See? SASSY. And with lip-boobs.

P.S. Our informers tell us Leona designed this outfit herself. What do you think of her skills?

[All images: PRPhotos.com]
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