Leighton Meester sings at Fashion’s Night Out, has a fringe

Leighton Meester in floral maxi dress and haircut with fringe

As most of you know, Fashion’s Night Out is an evening at the start of every Fashion Week when people go to parties in stores and then post hundreds of photos of it on their Facebook and blogs, so you can feel bad about not going to a party in a store, too.

For the shoppers at Tiffany & Co this year, there was an added treat in store, in the shape of Leighton Meester, who¬†occasionally¬†likes to entertain ideas of being a singer (who could forget THIS look, from her first outing as a singer?), who performed in-store. She sang! She played guitar! She had a new haircut, featuring a fringe/bangs! She wore a long, flowy dress, all hippy chick (hippy chic?)! Blair Waldorf would’ve been appalled, but as she’s not actually a real person, that’s OK.

Leighton is our Little Girl With the Little Curl: her outfits tend to be either very, very good, or very, very bad. This time, we think she looks perfectly sweet, even if she is channelling Zooey Deschanel ever so slightly, and we really like the hair. What do you think?

[Images: PRPhotos.com]

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  • September 9, 2011


    The dress would have been cuter at a tea length. The full length looks sloppy and unkempt somehow, an impression not helped by the hair. But if it came straight down to a hem above her ankles and she had some killer shoes, this would be adorable, even with the hair.

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