The material looks like Halloween-ish tie-dye, and the top looks …

Comment on Fashion Police Caution: Leighton Meester at the advance screening of ‘Spread’ by spikesnsilk.

The material looks like Halloween-ish tie-dye, and the top looks like it was partially burned away, complete with crisp black edges. Apparently a sports bra was constructed from leftover fabric and worn underneath. Could have been a nice dress but for the fire. Ah, the tragedy.

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Five fashion things you don’t need to worry about
It’s ok not to wear heels all the freaking time!

Closet Heroes: The Jersey Blazer
I work in an office environment, and for me it’s my skinny black pants. I get the Really Skinny trousers from Gap.

Do you return clothes you’ve already worn?
I work at a major retailer, and this happens a lot. Most of the time it’s only our suspicion that tells us that they wore it, other times it’s more evident. I see it happen a lot with formal items- they buy it, wear it to the event, then bring it back. It’s not so bad if the piece is still pristine, but come on, people. There are places that will rent, or you could, dare I say it, buy something to wear more than once.

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My friends and I are going out, but not to anyplace glamorous, just some little hole in the wall. I think I’ll be wearing skinnies with boots and a nice black sweater, accessorized with bright jewelry and smoky eyes.

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Thank you for this. So accurate.

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