Save it for haloween. …

Comment on Fashion Police Caution: Leighton Meester at the advance screening of ‘Spread’ by Roseanna.

save it for haloween.

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Closet Heroes: Leggings
I love leggings, I wear them everyday. they are a saver for college, i can wear them all day then go out all night and not worry about flashing anyone. The help me wear dresses without feeling overly dressed up, and they are generally a life saver when it comes to not having time to shave in the morning. I just wish people would get the LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS rule! I see so many girls my gave walking around with everything on display like i don’t want to see your lovely lacy thong *sighs*

Closet Heroes: The Jersey Blazer
I think my leggings work hardest in my wardrobe! I wear dresses and skirts every day and i love to wear my leggings under them, they are comfy soft and take allot of abuse. I couldn’t go out without them!

Trends on Trial: Comic print clothes
i’m 18 and I love comic prints! on the wall and on! but only one bit of clothing at a time, so if i was wearing a pow top i’d wear plain black for the rest of my outfit. But’s im an art student, I like funky things (: x

Paris Hilton dresses as Marilyn Monroe
It’s like her boobs know how bad it looks and are trying to escape the wrongness of the outfit.

Every thing is wrong with this. Everything.

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