Natascha Stolle finds a loophole in the “Leggings Are Not Pants” rule

Leggings. We know they’re not pants. You know they’re not pants. We suspect even Natascha Stolle secretly knows they’re not pants, or she wouldn’t have felt the need to give them a “modesty skirt”. (Note: when creating a modesty skirt, it’s best to avoid sheer fabrics. Because they’re see-through. Got it?) “Look!” this model seems to be saying. “I really wanted to wear leggings as pants, but I know that’s forbidden by The Fashion Police, so I’m wearing this sheer skirt around my waist in a bid to throw them off the scent. Clever, no?”

Uh, sweetheart? We can still see your crotch. We know you’re wearing leggings as pants. Your cunning plan has not worked. Also: leggings and a sheer skirt? Really? Two wrongs don’t make a right, you know. Sorry.

We reckon there must be a lot of people out there who really want to wear leggings as pants, though, because these are sold out at ASOS in everything but a UK size 12. If that’s your size, well, looks like it’s your lucky day, because they’re on sale, too. Click here to buy them.


  • September 30, 2010


    Ok so I realise that this is doubtless needlessly pedantic but I AM needlessly pedantic (it’s a curse, believe me). That’s not a sheer skirt over leggings as pants, it’s sheer PANTS over leggings as pants.

    See. Now that’s much more sensible isn’t it :p

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    • October 1, 2010


      yeah thats what i was gonna say. thye might look nice and 30’s if they weren’t sheer

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    • October 1, 2010

      Rock Hyrax

      Oh yes, I hadn’t noticed!

      Mind you, if you’re going to wear voluminous sheer flares, this would be the way to do it…

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  • October 25, 2010


    The leggings and the sheer outer pants are attached at the waistband, they are one garment. I bought these and it’s the perfect way to wear sheer pants with a built in legging.

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