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STYLE SOS: Why leggings are not pants, and other fashion questions answered

Style SOS from The Fashion Police

Seeing as it’s Friday, and just a hop, skip and a jump to the weekend, we figured we’d kill some time by answering some of the serious style questions from our postbag, a.k.a our search referrers.

Here are some of the burning questions you’ve been asking the Fashion Police this week…

Can you wear white to a wedding?
Only if you’re the bride.

Can you wear tights in the summer?
Yes, you can: no harm will befall you. Dress according to the weather, not according to the  calendar.

Reasons why leggings are not pants?
Does this answer your question?

leggings are not pants

No? Well, leggings are designed to be worn under other garments, such as tunics, dresses, or other, longer items. Because of their figure-hugging, and often see-through, nature, they’re not particularly flattering when worn alone, and can make the wearer look like she forgot to put her pants on before leaving the house. Put simply: if Kim Kardashian and AnnaLynne McCord (both pictured above) can’t get away with it, the rest of us probably can’t either.

Can everyone wear skinny jeans?
Yes, everyone can. Not everyone should, though:  skinny jeans aren’t just for skinny people, but not every figure looks good in every style of clothing, so it’s worth experimenting to find out which cut of jeans looks best on yours. It’s not a simple as “pear shapes should wear bootcuts” or “boyish figures should wear skinnies” either: often it’s as much about finding the right fit, length and wash as finding the right cut and then sticking to it religiously.

Why are they called ‘skater dresses’?
Skater dresses are so-called because the short, flared skirts resemble the kind of dresses figure skaters wear. So now you know.

Why are there so many ugly clothes who buys them?
We’ve been asking ourselves this question for almost six years now. If we ever work out the answer, we’ll be sure to let you know…

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