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Style on Trial: Lace-Trim Leggings

Lacetrimleggings After a bit of a shaky start, The Fashion Police have learned to love like leggings. Not quite as much as Lindsay Lohan loves them, of course, but we will acknowledge that leggings have their place. For us, that place is hidden under boots, rather than being used to flaunt a nasty case of camel toe, but the point is: in the right hands, and with the right outfit, we don’t mind leggings.

What we just can’t seem to come to terms with, however, is the lace trim versions, especially when worn, as in this photo from Urban Outfitters, with a tiny denim mini-skirt and white high-top sneakers. Oh, and when they’re fluorescent yellow.

Urban Outfitters? The Eighties called. They’d like their look back. Unless, of course, our loyal readers disagree, and want to defend the lace-trim leggings?

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