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Lady Gaga’s teacup “accessory” – the next hot trend?


Yes, we know, it's another Lady Gaga post. We're sorry. She appears to be doing her level best to turn teacups into fashion accessories at the moment, though, and although some of you touched on this in the comments on our last Gaga post, we still feel the question needs to be asked: what the hell?!

Sorry, no, that wasn't what we meant to ask at all. What we meant to say was, what does everyone think of Lady Gaga's teacup? It's hard for us to honestly describe an innocent teacup as a "crime of fashion", you see, but at the same time, we're kinda hoping it doesn't catch on, as much fun as that would be to see everyone walking around with on.

Of course, this is Lady Gaga we're talking about, and even although she's only been on our radar for a short period of time, this is exactly the kind of thing we've come to expect from her, and the carefully controlled character she's created for herself. What do you think, though? Will carrying a teacup around become the next big trend? Couldn't really be worse than harem pants, after all…


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