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Lady Gaga almost looks ordinary*

Lady Gaga in multicoloured dress and high bun

While most of us get ready to step out of our comfort zones this weekend, and dress up in wild and unusual ways, Lady Gaga has also been busy stepping out of HERS. The only difference is that when Gaga decides to wear something completely different from her usual style, it involves wearing an outfit that’s … actually quite stunning, really, if we’re perfectly honest. And OK, she’s been a little heavy-handed with the pale foundation, but we’d totally wear that dress, and that’s not something we often find ourselves saying when we look at Gaga.

This will make this year’s Lady Gaga Halloween costume MUCH easier, that’s for sure…

Lady Gaga with yellow bun hairstyleShe could pass as a zombie Audrey Hepburn here, too. What HAPPENED to her? Where is the Gaga we know and love?

Oh, wait, there she is:

Lady Gaga on stage with yellow hair and green dressPhew!

* We’re joking about the “ordinary” thing, by the way. Our girl could never look “ordinary”…

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