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Style on Trial: lace stirrup leggings by Kova & T

Lace leggings

According to Shopbop, these are "just the leggings we’ve been waiting for". We really hope they’re speaking for themselves there, because although The Fashion Police have learned to tolerate regular leggings in certain, carefully controlled situations, when we look at the picture above, we can’t help but think Madonna would’ve loved these in her "Desperately Seeking Susan" days, and that’s not a look we’re keen to see come back. Oh, and they have stirrups on the bottom, and in our book, that’s never right. We’re not even going to get into the $110 price tag…

Just to test that our reactions to these lace leggings are sounds, however, we’ve decided to put them up On Trial and find out what you, the jury, think of them. Are you with us in thinking that these should be sent straight back to the early 80s, or do they make you want to Get into the Groove in them? And what would you wear them with, if so?

[Product: Kova & T lace leggings]

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