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Save or Splurge? Lace ankle boots by Roberto Cavalli and Topshop

Lace_ankle_bootsThis isn’t a look for everyone. It’s not, for instance, a look for us, because something about the words “lace ankle boots” turns us off. There’s no doubt that lace is hot right now, though, or that ankle boots are still very much in fashion (are they ever not?), so assuming that you wanted to see the two come together, in the form of a lace ankle boots, what we want to know is: would you save or splurge on them?

The Topshop boots on the left aren’t exactly cheap at £70, but that’s but a drop in the ocean compared to the £695 price tag on the Roberto Cavalli versions on the right, which are from Net-a-Porter.

Which do you prefer? Save? Splurge? Or, like us, neither?

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