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Kirsten Dunst wants to dress like a 30 year old

Kirsten Dunst in brown dress at the premiere of Melancholia

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Kirsten Dunst, actress and frequent fashion offender, is having a closet clear-put, and says she wants to start dressing like a 30-year-old.

This statement is actually less surprising that it might sound, given that Kirsten is actually about to BE a 30-year-old: her birthday is next April, and the approaching landmark has made the actress re-assess her wardrobe choices, and throw away childish things – specifically the many little frilly dresses she seems to love so much.

Kirsten says:

“I’m currently cleaning out my closet of childish dresses. I want to start dressing like I’m 30. Some of the things I have are like, I can’t wear this anymore, it’s not cute.”


Our regular readers will know that The Fashion Police are very much in opposition to the Dress Like a Toddler trend, which we’ve been fighting a lonely battle against almost since our fashion force was formed, so we welcome ANY attempt by adults to dress like …adults.

Does Kirsten really need to throw out her dresses, though, we wonder? Should a woman of 30 be dressing differently from a woman of 29, or do you think Kiki could get away with the cutesy dresses a little while longer, at least?

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