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Kim Cattrall raises the question: Can you ever be too old for dresses that are split from bust to hem?


So, Kim Cattrall has quite the figure, doesn’t she? And we would say she has quite the figure "for a 51 year old", which is what Kim is, but that would clearly be patronising as Kim here has a better figure than many twenty or thirty year olds we know. But we’re not here to talk about her figure. No, we’re here to talk about what she’s wearing on it – or rather, what she’s not wearing on it. Because, let’s face it, that’s a whole lot of waist, hip, butt, thigh and leg she’s showing. Oh, and boobs – let’s not forget the boobs.

Which brings us to the question: can you be too old for this kind of fashion? Sure, Kim has the figure for it, but perhaps she’d look a little more elegant and classy in something that didn’t show quite so much flesh, hmmm? Then again, we actually don’t think this is an age issue at all – it’s purely a style one, because we happen to think that no one really needs to slash their dress from bust to hem in this way, regardless of their age.

What do you think? Should Kim think about covering up, or is it a case of "she’s got it, so good for her if she wants to flaunt it?"

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