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Style Trial | Kim Kardashian’s off-white ensemble for the USC Shoah Foundation 20th Anniversary Gala

Kim Kardashian at the USC Shoah Foundation 20th Anniversary Gala

Did you know Kim Kardashian is about to get married? Kim Kardashian is about to get married. And last night she got in some practice by wearing this bridal-inspired all-white ensemble to the the USC Shoah Foundation 20th Anniversary Gala. You can’t see from these photos, but the skirt has a very long train, so she’d have been able to get in some practice walking down the aisle in it for sure.

For us, the most amazing this about this look is that Kim has obviously picked out a facial expression to go with the outfit, and she rigidly maintained it all night as far as we can tell. Seriously, we’ve examined all of the evidence, and we were unable to unearth even a single photo in which her expression was even slightly different. Witness:

OK, there is this one:

But other than that, same expression, all night. How does she do it? WHY does she do it? Is this expression “in” right now? Is smiling a crime of fashion? We hope not, but absolutely nothing would surprise us, seriously.

Anyway: Kim is wearing a Lanvin skirt, Alexander McQueen shirt and Balmain blazer. Should you wish to re-create this outfit at home, it’s possible, although not necessarily advisable, and you WILL have people constantly asking you where the wedding is. If you must, though, we’d first of all recommend exchanging the satin skirt for a floaty maxi skirt (WITHOUT a train, unless you actually are getting married: most of us don’t want to be dragging our clothes along the sidewalk…), and the high-necked blouse for something a little less severe, like a silk cami. We can’t see what Kim’s wearing on her feet in these photos, and it doesn’t really matter because the skirt will cover your shoes anyway, so all we’ll say is this: PLEASE not Birkenstocks. Because it may only be May, but we’ve already identified our most hated fashion trend of the year…

Kim Kardashian-inspired all-white outfit

New Look blazer, £28, Mago maxi skirt, £20, Rut&Circle cami, £15, Office ‘Jools’ sandals, £65

What do you think of Kim’s look?

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