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Kim Kardashian defends ‘Mom jeans’

Kim Kardashian & Khloe Kardashian QuickTrim In-Store Appearance

When Kim Kardashian made an in-store appearance last week, she was criticized for wearing those dreaded of all denim duds – the Mom Jean. The Fashion Police did not call Kim’s choice into question as we sort of like the look on her, and wouldn’t call these Mom Jeans at all. And, Kim’s nice enough to point out that the term is kind of mean to all the fashionable mothers out there.

“For some reason, high-waisted jeans are always branded with this negative term and I think it’s kind of ridiculous,” Kim blogged. “I don’t think these are mom jeans at all. And even if they are, who’s to say any mom wouldn’t look fabulous in them!? Any woman who is proud of her curves should be able to flaunt them in high-waisted jeans!!! So you know what… I’m proud to rock the mom jeans!”

So, do you think these are Mom Jeans, and do you care if they are?
[Source: People.com]
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