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Kelly Osbourne wears a little black dress to Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Style Issue Event

kelly osbourne in a little black dress

By the time it gets this late on a Friday afternoon, the fashion blogger’s brain has started to turn to mush (yes, even more so than usual!), so we’re actually quite grateful to Kelly Osbourne for spelling out what she’s wearing in this photo: literally. It’s a little black dress, you see: and we know we’re right about that because it says so on the back!

Thanks, Kelly! What would be even more awesome would be if Luke Worrall’s suit had “Black Suit” written on the back. Or if harem pants had “Crime of Fashion” printed on them. Well, it would certainly make OUR job easier, anyway.

Little black dress aside, isn’t Kelly Osbourne looking amazing these days? You’ll find another photo under the jump if you’re wondering what this outfit looks like from the front…

Kelly Osbourne and Luke Worrall

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