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Star Style on Trial: Kelly Osbourne


So, Kelly Osbourne’s pretty pale, huh? And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that: skin cancer’s on the increase, fake tan can make you look like you’ve adopted Jodie Marsh as your style icon… no, pale is good. Pale is interesting.

Just one thing, though: if, say, you happen to be really pale, and your hair is really black, maybe it’s not such a good idea to wear an outfit consisting purely of black and white pieces. Or is it? Because, actually, now we come to think of it, Dita Von Teese does this all the time and it doesn’t seem to do her any harm.

Well, we’re feeling generous today, so we’re going to cast our reservations aside and turn this decision over to you, The Jury. Is Kelly guilty of crimes against fashion here, or is she just pale and interesting? You decide…

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