Keira Knightley on the cover of W Magazine, Feb ’08


Having carefully examined all the evidence in the case of Keira Knightly V. Tasteful Magazine Covers, I think we have to conclude that Keira is clearly on some kind of mission to create the fugliest cover the world has ever known. She gave it a good shot with this month’s Interview Magazine, but damn if she hasn’t managed to outdo herself with February’s ‘W’.

The denim jacket/bra combo is bad enough. I think we can take that as read. But… did anyone else catch ‘Sean of the Dead’ when it was on terrestrial this weekend? And is anyone else uncomfortably reminded of one of the Undead when they look at this picture of Keira Knightley?

(The jacket, by the way, is Chanel, for Spring/Summer 08. Just in case any of you want to rush out and buy it.)


  • January 14, 2008


    Everything about this outfit is wrong!
    a. shoulder pads?!
    b. denim is not classy and not cover material
    c. what the hell is going on with the bra thing
    d. totally not sexy to see slight hollow in chest…
    Btw, what is wrong with the hair? Limp, lifeless (a bit like her acting), and not doing her oh-so-famous pout any favours. Gah.

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  • March 27, 2009


    And it’s too bad that it’s not even her fault. Magazine stylist must just really hate her.

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