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Star Style on Trial: Katie Holmes in pegged jeans


We have a shocking confession to make. While most of the fashion blogosphere have been rolling their eyes and exclaiming in horror at the sight of Katie Holmes in rolled up jeans that may or may not belong to Tom, we… haven’t.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not exactly her best look. It’s definitely not a look we’re going to be emulating any time soon, unless, of course, we find ourselves suddenly and dramatically transported back to the early nineties, and even then… no, probably not.

But is it really so bad?

She looks comfortable. She looks casual. And yes, she also looks like she’s wearing her husband’s jeans – which she possibly is – but for some reason we just can’t find it in ourselves to  get worked up about it. Maybe we’re getting more tolerant in our old age or something, but let’s put it this way: we’ve seen worse.

We don’t think we’re going to be placing Katie under Fashion Police arrest for this one. A warning, maybe, but not the full fashion-jail treatment. What do you think, though? Are Katie’s pegged jeans really the fashion crime they’re being made out to be?

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