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OMG, Katie Holmes has grey hair, so what?

Over the past couple of days, certain sectors of the internet have been having conniptions over some photos of Katie Holmes:

Can you see what the issue is here? No, neither could we. Luckily, though, our image agency gave us a close-up of Katie’s face, and even provided a helpful circle to help us identify what we should be getting all upset about:

Yup, it’s a few strands of grey. Or it seems to be, anyway. Well, you can colour us AMAZED. (Do you see what we did there? “Colour us”? Never mind.) You’re seriously expecting us to believe there are people in this world who have a few grey hairs? Are we supposed to be amazed at this brand new information?

This just in: hair goes grey. It does. Happens to all of us, sooner or later. And Katie Holmes is what, 32? 33? Not unheard of for people to have at least a few grey strands at that age, sometimes even more than that. And let’s not forget, she IS married to Tom Cruise…

The beauty press, however, is all astonishment that a celebrity like Katie has had the temerity to show her face – or rather her head – in public without first having a touch-up. They seem to feel she should be cowering at home with a towel wrapped around her head and her hair colourist on speed dial. It is, apparently, a sign that she is “letting herself go”. Say what? It’s a few strands of grey! Maybe she doesn’t want to colour it? Maybe she wants to grow old gracefully or something? (Not that we’re suggesting there’s anything wrong with colouring your hair, if you want to, you understand. We’re planning to go purple once the grey kicks in.)

What do you think? Huge fashion faux-pas or a woman in her thirties looking like… a woman in her thirties?

[Images: Fame]
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