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Katie Holmes has no feet, or “How long do you like your jeans?”


Poor Katie Holmes. It must be tough going through life with no feet. On the plus side, though, she looks like she’s coping just fine here… Oh no, wait: it’s just her jeans, isn’t it? She’s doing that "my jeans are so long you can’t even see my feet no more" thing. Why is she doing that, do you think?

Now, I’d be the first to argue that, barring death, serious illness and being Britney Spears, there aren’t many things in life worse than too-short jeans. That half-mast look flatters no one, so  I’m all about the long-length jean. Wearing them long makes your legs look similarly long, and who doesn’t want long legs, I ask you? You can take it too far, though, and I’d argue that in this picture, Katie has taken it too far. A good few inches too far, I’d say. What do you think?

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