Kate Moss Named Model of the Year

Kate Moss Named Model of the Year

Hey, look kids, guess what? Being a junkie doesn’t ruin your career after all! I mean, just lookit ol’ Cocaine Kate, here: busted for cocaine use (we’d have busted her long before that for her association with Pete Docherty, but as that’s not actually illegal, no  one can really help her there), held up as an example of just what not to do with your millions, and what happens? She’s on every advertising campaign going, and now The British Fashion Awards have just named her Model of the Year, too. Go figure.

Of course, it’s not really Kate’s fault that the media loves a junkie, is it? Presumably when she started sniffing so much coke that her nose collapsed (anyone else see the pictures in last week’s papers?) Kate didn’t know that she was making making the best career move of her life. Who did?

One thing’s for sure, though: Kate’s career has gone from strength to strength in the year since her drug bust, and while I’d be the last person to get all Mrs. Lovejoy on y’all ("Won’t someone please think of the children?) it is a little bit, well, odd donchya think?

What I think? I’m tired of Kate right now. I’m burnt out. Every magazine or newspaper I open, every fashion site I look at (including this one), there she is, staring back at me. Good luck with the marriage Kate (because let’s face it: you’ll need it). We all really hope that works out for you. Maybe a long honeymoon is in order though, hmmm?

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