Kate Moss for Topshop – the verdict

kate moss top shop collection

Well, did you get anything? Did you stand in line for hours to grab your part of the celebrity capsule collection of the year, or did you wake up at your usual time and hop online, only to find that everything was already sold out, and that if you wanted one of those dresses, why you’d be paying over £100 for it on eBay, dontchya know?

I did neither. Not living in London, I sadly wasn’t able to join the queues in Oxford Street yesterday for the launch of the Kate Moss for Topshop collection, and being pathologically lazy, I couldn’t be bothered setting my alarm for stupid o’clock to nab something online, either. I am a bad, bad, fashion policewoman, and I’d be sending myself to jail if it wasn’t for the fact that, actually? I feel a little bit relieved not to be a part of the “Kate Moss for Topshop” hoopla. And if you keep on reading after the jump, I’ll tell you for why.

Kate Moss for Topshop Video preview

It’s a big day for fashion, folks. It’s the day Kate Moss for Topshop launches, and while I’m afraid I’m not going to be joining the throngs of people queuing up for the chance to buy something from the collection, I actually think there are some nice, wearable pieces here. Here’s the preview:

The white dress in stock from next week. Allegedly.

Katemossfortopshop Of all the pieces in the Kate Moss for Topshop collection, I think this one was the most widely anticipated – and this one caused the greatest dissapointment when it wasn’t available at the launch, earlier this month.

Still, anyone who’s been dying to get their hands on one of the white dresses can take heart – Topshop say it will be available from late next week, and not only will it be available, it will apparently be available in black and lemon as well as that “must have” white.

Will it be available on the website, though, for those of us that don’t live near a Topshop store? I somehow doubt it, but time will tell…

Kate moss in black shirt and dress It’s not that I don’t like the clothes, let’s get that out of the way first. Actually, I think this is a pretty nice collection, and very “Kate”. Now, I like Kate Moss’ style. I think she manages to look good in pretty much everything she wears (witness Kate on the way to the collection launch, in the picture on the right. She may have dodgy taste in men, and yes, sometimes she looks like she could be doing with a bit of a wash, but there’s no denying, the girl scrubs up good.

So, I like the clothes. Things I particularly like: the pansy print dress, the black skinny jeans (although, given that I practically live in a pair of these from Zara that cost quite a bit less than ol’ Kate’s versions, I think I’d be leaving them on the shelf), the striped waistcoat,  the oversized  sunglasses… All very nice, and all very Kate, and while none of them make me shriek, “Oh my God, I must have that NOW!”, I could be tempted to buy them, if it wasn’t for one very important fact: in just a few days time, these clothes will be EVERYWHERE.

Oh, I know everything’s sold out at the moment, and that as soon as new stock comes in it’ll go straight back out again, but trust me – this is the collection of the season, and the clothes will be as readily identifiable as Kate herself in just a few short weeks. Now, I don’t know much about you, but while I’m certainly no clothes shop (I’ll shop wherever I can find clothes I like, that fit me), I’m not exactly keen on walking into a room and finding five other women already in it wearing exactly the same outfit as I am. And I think this is what will happen with the Kate from Topshop collection.

It’s very clever marketing on Topshop’s part, make no mistake. The problem with all of these celebrity collections, though, and the near-riots they cause when they go on sale, is that they’ve started to encourage a cult of identikit dressing. Some of the originality has gone out of fashion lately, and it’s not the fault of the designers or the celebrities – it’s the fault of those of us who rush out and buy the latest must-have clothing collection the second it becomes available, even if it means we’ll all look like we’re wearing some bizarre kind of school uniform for the next few months at least.

Still, a pretty good job from Kate, all things considered. And, despite everything I’ve just said, I wouldn’t say no to a pansy print dress in a UK size 6, if anyone wants to buy me one. Well, I can always wear it on holiday, can’t I?

topshop red skinny jeans

‘School Leaving Shirt’ by Kate Moss for Topshop

Kate moss topshop jacket

Well, I think this has to be the worst thing to come out of the Kate Moss for Topshop collection so far. It’s a standard white shirt with – yes – writing scribbled all over it, as if some kerrazy, “wacky” schoolkids had got their hands (and pens) on it. If it gets worse than this, then I don’t think I want to know about it. (Oh, OK, I totally do…)

Kate Moss for Topshop on eBay

Kate Moss for Topshop on eBay Predictably, despite a 5-item-per-person-limit on clothes bought from the new Kate Moss for Topshop line, items from the collection are already appearing on eBay, many for waaaay more than you’d pay in store – assuming, of course, that there was any stock left in store. Some of the harder to find pieces, such as the yellow one-shoulder dress,  (which, incidentally, is the stand-out piece of the whole collection, for me at least) and the red, floor red dress Kate was seen wearing in the window of the store, are available, as are most of the other items.

With a £12 vest top currently selling for £41, I’d hold my horses if I were you, and wait for Topshop to come good on their promise to get more stock in, pronto. I mean, come on, it’s JUST A VEST, people! Just. A. Freaking. You’ll find the same thing in Matalan for about £5, and it’ll be back in Topshop soon for £12. Vest. If you’re willing to pay £41 for it, then I’m afraid we have to assume you’re only interested in the label – and we’re going to have to arrest you for being a hopelessly out of control Fashion Victim. Sorry.

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