Kate Moss takes her crepey knees to Glastonbury


Sometimes life just isn’t fair, is it? I mean, there you are: you’re a fashion icon the world over. People fall over themselves to look just like you. Every year you go to Glastonbury and it’s never about the music – no, it’s all about you, and what you’re wearing. Then, this one year, you rock up to Glasto, and all anyone can talk about is your crepey old wrinkled knees, and how you’re ageing faster than your druggie boyfriend can light a spliff. GOD.

Poor old Kate Moss. She had a nice little look going there, but then the Daily Mail get a close-up of the skin on her legs, and poof! – her Glastobury Queen crown is gone. And who knows why Kate’s legs look like this: maybe it’s the lifestyle, maybe it’s the weight, maybe it’s just the angle of the photograph or a trick of the light, but it is a bit of an attention-stealer, isn’t it? Shoulda stuck with the skinny jeans, Kate…

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