Kate Moss launches Christmas collection for Topshop


If you queued for the pansy print dress and went wild for the pink striped sweater, you’ll probably be pleased to know that Kate Moss has just unveiled her latest collection for Topshop. This is Kate’s ‘Christmas Collection’, so let’s take a look at what girls all across the land will be wearing to the office Christmas party this year…


The sheer chiffon jet-beaded top.
Warning: don’t wear it the way the mannequin does. Underwear advised…


The black satin maxi dress
Morticia Adams will love it, I’d steer well clear because I can’t wear satin without crushing it. And because I think it can look like a nightie.


The black embroidered dress.
So, it looks like "chiffon" and "black" are the main themes of this collection, then…


The silk stud dress
OK, so I spoke too soon on the "black chiffon thing". So far this is my favourite piece, although there’s something about the bagginess of the bodies that troubles me…


The Licorice Stripe Dress
I would say more, but I think this dress is bringing on a migraine… Suffice it to say that I either love it or hate it. You tell me which way I should jump.

And there we have it – the Kate Moss for Topshop Christmas collection. I’m giving it a cautious thumbs-up: personally I always find chiffon and silk/satin to be difficult fabrics to wear, but that has more to do with the fact that I’m a clumsy oaf whose clothes crease as soon as she looks at them than it has to do with the fabrics themselves. I like the vintage look of some of the pieces and while there aren’t too many things here that I’m desperate to buy, there are more than a few I’d at least like to try on.

See more at the Topshop website, but remember to come back and tell us what you think…


  • October 18, 2007


    I really like the black embroidered dress. Definitely wearable for a holiday cocktail party.

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  • October 19, 2007


    the greenish dress…though i doubt i can pull it off

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  • October 19, 2007


    I’m liking the liquorice stripe dress – thugh I’d never wear anything so skin tight myself it is very Gwen Stefani.
    As for the gold cardigan at the top – anything that gives a mannequin lumps and bumps HAS to be unflattering on an actual real live person!

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  • October 19, 2007


    The stripes of the sleeves on that licorice striped dress don’t match up to the yolk.

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  • October 20, 2007


    I think it’s a horrible collection (sorry). It looks like something I might come up with after a day of second hand clothes shopping on a bad day.. Except the black embroidered dress, that is ok.

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