Kate Middleton portrait helps sell French Connection tops

Kate Middleton portrait


Let’s talk about that Kate Middleton portrait for a second, shall we?

Now, we don’t advocate body/face snarking. At all. In fact, we find it totally depressing when we ask the ladies and gentlemen of the Fashion Police Jury what they think of a celebrity outfit, and get a bunch of comments on their face/figure/how old they look, etc, etc. These are things the celebrities (mostly) can’t do much about, you see, and as for the “OMG SHE LOOKS SO OLD!” comments, well, people get old. It happens. It’ll even happen to you one day, if you’re lucky.

In this case, though, we feel no compunction about commenting on Kate Middleton’s face because, well, THAT ISN’T KATE MIDDLETON’S FACE, is it? She doesn’t actually look like that. Or not right now, anyway. As Officer Terry put it on the day the portrait was released, at least it’ll come in handy if Kate’s ever kidnapped one day and the police have to do one of those “what she might like like NOW” photos, where they digitally age the person.

And people think Photoshop is bad.

Anyway! As fascinating as the subject of the Kate Middleton portrait undoubtedly is, we are, of course, here to talk about fashion, and with that in mind, we can reveal that the top Kate is wearing in the infamous portrait has been accused identified as French Connection’s sub silky tie top in navy. It’s quite nice, isn’t it?

Before you go getting too excited and rushing out to buy yourself one, though, we also need to tell you that what we described last year as the “Kate Middleton effect“, whereby anything the Duchess of Cambridge wears sells out instantly, is still in full effect, and you can no longer buy the navy version, as seen in the portrait, online. Fear not, though, young Padawans: it IS still available (in limited sizes, naturally) in the green shade shown above, so if you want to dress up as the Kate Middleton portrait for Halloween this year, or if you just like bow-necked tops, you can buy it here. And it’s reduced to £28.50, too.

What do you think? Does Kate Middleton have any influence on your fashion purchases? Or are you just here to tell us what you think of the portrait?

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