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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wears Jesire & Prada to the National Portrait Gallery

Duchess of Cambridge in a grey dress by Jesire

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has once again sent the world spinning on its axis by – wait for it – wearing clothes. In public. And not just any clothes, either: on her first solo engagement as a member of the Royal Family, The Duchess proved that she is down with the people by turning up to the National Portrait Gallery in London wearing a grey, 50s-style coat dress by high street brand Jesiré. (Aside: We at The Fashion Police almost always wear clothes from the high street. When do we get OUR medal, we wonder?)

Now, before you go getting too excited and muttering about how accessible she is, this dress is unavailable to us commoners as Jesiré is no longer in business. “Why is Kate Middleton wearing Jesire – a brand that is defunct?” wonders Grazia, which has valiantly tried to track down the dress in question, but to no avail. And why IS the Duchess wearing a dress by a brand which is defunct? Well, probably so the rest of us can’t just instantly copy her, like we always do, we’d imagine. Well, would YOU want everyone in the UK looking like clones of you? We thought not.

As for the shoes, they’re by Prada, and our sidekick, Shoeperwoman has the deets. Now, who wants to be first to say that Kate is “appropriate but dull”, as always happens on these  posts?

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