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Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, makes an Orla Kiely coat sell out

Kate Middleton in an Orla Kiely coat

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Angel of Death to All Clothes, has been at it again: wearing clothes, and then prompting a complete shopping frenzy, as people all rush to buy exactly the same thing and look exactly like her. Clothes must shiver when they see her coming, no?

This time, Kate’s purchase sounded the death-knell for this brown Orla Kiely coat, which, according to the brand, sold out within minutes of the the Duchess’s appearance at Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford. For those who’re interested, Kate paired her coat with brown  suede Aquatalia ankle boots, which she has – gasp! – been seen in before. We’ve no idea what she wore under the coat, though: whatever it was, it is presumably still available: for now…

[Images: PRPhotos.com]
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