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Kate Middleton doesn’t buy new clothes for a wedding: do you?

Now, we don’t know about you, but when a wedding invitation drops through the door of the Fashion Police HQ, we’ve generally started the hunt for something to wear before we’ve even posted our RSVP.

This is partly because we’re shopaholics, of course: but for us there’s something about a wedding that seems to demand a new outfit (or at least part of one), especially if the wedding in question involves roughly the same group of people that were at the last eleventy-one weddings we attended: and let’s face it, it normally does.

Not so with Kate Middleton, however.

Last weekend, the Duchess of Cambridge was in Edinburgh, along with the rest of the Royal Family, to attend the wedding of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall. Did she buy a new outfit for the occasion? Pshaw! Not our frugal Duchess. Instead of rushing out to Coast, like the rest of us, Kate did a little something fashion bloggers like to call “shopping your own closet” and the rest of us like to call “wearing your clothes”.

First came the “remixing” of the green Diane Von Furstenberg dress Kate wore on her trip to Canada last month:

(Aside: Doesn’t she look particularly drop-dread-gorgeous here? We want to cut off her hair and attach it to our own heads.)

For the wedding itself, meanwhile, the Duchess “remixed” the gold dress coat she wore to the last Royal Wedding she attended: that of Laura Parker-Bowles and Harry Lopes.

Kate also wore the LK Bennett pumps which are rarely off her feet, and which the owners of LK Bennett must surely thank the Lord for every night before they go to bed.

Theories abound as to why the Duchess of Cambridge decided to wear more or less the same outfit to two Royal weddings. They can basically be summed up as:

a) She’s just not that into fashion. And, indeed, why should she be? Marrying the future King does not, after all, come with the condition that one must instantly turn into a clothes horse (although that seems to have happened anyway in this case, with everything Kate wears selling out instantly.).

b) She likes to be frugal and can’t see the point in spending money on clothes she’ll only wear once. Or twice. (“Frugal”, is obviously a comparative term here: most of us probably don’t consider the act of buying designer clothes and then wearing them twice to be particularly thrifty, but then, she is the Duchess of Cambridge, she’s hardly going to be shopping in Primark, is she?) If this is the case, we applaud her: we’ve always hated this idea that it’s a major crime of fashion to – OMG! – be seen in the same thing twice, when actually, that’s the way most people live their lives. Who can afford to buy a brand new outfit for every single day of the year, after all?

Regardless of Kate’s reasons for wearing the same wedding outfit twice, we find it quite endearing:it’s nice to finally find a celebrity who doesn’t feel under pressure to constantly parade brand new clothes, and who’s happy to wear the same thing twice – it’s what most of the rest of us do, after all!

What we want to know, though, is whether you’d do the same thing?

Would you wear the same thing to two different weddings?

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